G L I D E  f o r  V i o l i n  &  C o m p u t e r

"Glide" is a project composed for Violin & Computer, recorded in 2018. The piece was performed at the "3rd Tehran Contemporary Music Festival (TCMF)" and the "Electronic & Electro Acoustic Sonic Event" in 2018 by "Farmehr Beiglou." Additionally, it was showcased at "FILE Sao Paulo | Hypersonica" in 2019. As a throwback, I decided to remaster and publish this piece five years later! I hope you enjoy it.

I grew up in a town near a major airport and spent my childhood listening to the sounds of aircraft. Over time, mere hearing evolved into active listening, and as the years passed, I developed a growing fascination with aircraft sounds. They became an integral part of my aesthetic experience. These sounds have remained with me, and I know they will continue to do so